Our Merchandise Selection

In todays ever changing funeral industry, The Fruland Funeral Home offers at present
  several types of customized merchadise. Ranging from special organizations,
distinguished careers to Veterans of the various branches of service.

Create Healing Experiences

Customized Caskets

Whether your loved one was a Veteran, a member of a special organization or was known for a distinguished career, personalized tributes can be chosen for military service, fire,police, work and more. This 18 gage steel casket has a champagne velvet interior, with back panels and corner pieces for the various branches of service and other organizations available.

Funeral Services

Rental Casket for Cremation

A Family may like to rent a casket instead of purchasing one for a traditional funeral service with cremation to follow. This allows a family to have the deceased embalmed, a visitation at the funeral home or church,Clergy, Organist, Soloist and flowers. Following the service the deceased is then transported to the crematory for cremation with cremains being returned to the family for final disposition.

Burial Services


Cremations may be classified into two types, Direct Cremation and Cremation with a Memorial Service. Direct Cremations entail the Funeral Director making the removal of the deceased at the place of death, filing the required forms, no viewing or funeral service, transporting the deceased to crematory and returning the ashes or cremains as they are now called following the cremation, back to the Funeral Director for final disposition by the family in a burial plot or other wishes of the family.

Cremations with a memorial service allows the family to have the deceased cremated first, followed by a service at the church or funeral home with Clergy,Organist, Soloist, flowers and visitation.

The Fruland Funeral Home has a variety of urns and cremation jewelry available for the family to purchase if they so desire.

You Can Never Go Back and Do it Over

Some say it’s harsh to remind you of this, but we know we must. We want you to honor your loved one in a way that allows you to look back, years from now, and be thankful that you did the best you could to honor their life. Creating a ceremony that calls together the hearts and minds of all who loved them is a gift to everyone involved. A gift of memories, a gift of healing...a truly priceless gift of peace-of-mind.

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